Pure Recovery Group (PRG), a multifaceted recycling company, has developed a patented density separation process that takes Waste to Energy residuals and separates the recyclable and reusable products from the residuals to provide environmental and economic benefit to its customers and the planet.

There is a substantial amount of inert aggregate and sand materials in Waste to Energy residuals. The patented PRG process separates these materials by density and in that process washes the recycled products to generate clean recycled materials that can be used in the manufacturing of new products.

Interested in the PRG Process?

There is no need to try and re-invent the wheel when PRG has a proven process that can be easily replicated and up and running in your facility.

PRG can custom design modular solutions for use in your new or existing facilities.

Our team of engineers will work with you on design, to integration, installation and start up.

Where should this patented density separation system go?

Areas where landfill costs are high
Areas where freight is expensive to truck out ash
Areas where aggregate and sand are in short supply
Areas where landfill space is running low
Communities where environmental stewardship is a priority
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