The economic advantages of this system are game changing. Mass balance testing has shown that disposal to a landfill is cut by up to 60% with the recycling of aggregate products. This reduction in disposal equates to substantial avoided costs and significant levels of increased revenue via the sale of valuable recycled products. While results may vary slightly between Waste to Energy facilities, the economic opportunities will greatly impact an operation’s bottom line.

This new process, combined with the Waste to Energy process, is more environmentally beneficial than the typical practice of landfilling—the predominate tool for waste management in North America.

The Waste to Energy process recovers energy from waste that would never be recovered if the waste material were landfilled, even if you consider collection and beneficial use of landfill gas at landfills.

Our patented new process takes this advantage further by significantly reducing the amount of material landfilled by enhancing and increasing the amount of valuable recycled products removed from the waste stream. These recycled materials can then be used to produce new products with recycled content thereby reducing truck traffic and pollution. Our process reduces the amount of energy required to extract and process virgin materials as it helps communities get closer to their goal of zero waste.

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without enhanced recovery
enhanved recovery
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