What does Pure Recovery Group Do?

Pure Recovery Group has spent years developing a patented “wet recovery system,” designed to reclaim valuable resources from ash of Waste to Energy plants; specifically, clean sand and aggregate as well as ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

The sand and aggregate have been approved for use in many applications, such as base for parking lots and certain roads, manufactured concrete blocks, and flowable fill for pipe bedding.

The metals are sent for recycling to be processed and resold as new ferrous and non-ferrous products.

This process reduces the amount of ash going to landfills by as much as 60%.

Our Mission

Make Pure Recovery Group’s patented wet recovery system available to every processor of Waste to Energy combustor ash, and to:

  • Help communities move closer to zero waste
  • Increase the life of landfills
  • Help limit environmental liability
  • Improve host facility economics
  • Provide a multifaceted approach to reclaiming resources from ash produced by energy from waste facilities
  • Generate multiple recycled products

Maximize recycling opportunities
Increase Value
Of materials currently recycled
By utilizing our patented technology
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