The End Use Products Are

Less than standard aggregate and sand bulk density
100% Recycled
Content which could provide a LEED accreditation credit opportunity
Meets requirements
For compaction and drainage requirements for pavement sub-base
cost chart
Low in Cost

Our Products Include

Ferrous materials

Our process removes the large and small ferrous materials from the ash through a series of magnetic separators. The large ferrous scrap metal is tumbled through a rotating drum to remove any ash that might adhere to the material and the small ferrous scrap is washed as part of the wet process. The ferrous material then passes over a picking table to ensure the product is steel mill ready for re-melting. This results in what is perhaps the cleanest grade of Municipal Scrap ever brought to market.

Washed non-ferrous
  1. As a result of the wet process and the many levels of sizing separations, the non-ferrous material generated by our process is in excess of 80% pure. The material captured by the many eddy current magnets in this operation consists of various grades of aluminum, copper, brass and small amounts of precious metals such as gold and silver. Our tests have shown that in excess of 96% of the non-ferrous material in the ash is removed by our system.
  1. Through a series of sizing and density separation, our process generates a unique light weight sand that has been proven in many applications, including manufacture of concrete block, flowable fill and sub-base. The sand meets the state requirements for beneficial use under the Department of Environmental Protection General Permit WMGM061.
  1. Through a process of washing and density separation, we are able to create streams of aggregate based on size. We have the capability to custom blend aggregates based on sieve sizing to meet pavement sub-base design criteria.
large aggregate
small aggregate
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